Musanze’s Nshimiyimana reveals league is hard to win


Musanze’s assistant coach Masso Nshimiyimana has confirmed that this year’s national football league will be hard for the Northern Province club to win.

Nshimiyimana believes that it is hard for a team to win two or three consecutive league games without losing. He pointed out that it is not the players’ fault but rather the competitiveness of the league.

“If Musanze can win seven out of fourteen games in the first round and another seven in the second round then we stand a better chance of ending the season in a better position. This is the reason we have called the players to join camp so that they can continue training,” revealed Nshimiyimana.

Nshimiyimana also observed that lots of teams this season had beefed up their squads and there are new coaches who are doing good work. It is right across the board a more competitive league this season compared to last year’s.

Currently in third position on the table standings, Musanze which is sponsored by Musanze district has played tens games, won six, drawn two and lost only twice to Gicumbi and APR and is boasting of 20 points.

Musanze striker Wai Yeka remains the top scorer in the league with seven goals.

Despite the tough season, Nshimiyimana believes Musanze is on the right path for future success. He is confident that despite struggling, the club will thrive through the tough times.

He said, “I am always pretty optimistic. I feel like the players we have on the field can perform at a high level and can get us to where we need to be because I believe in those players and still believe we can. It is the journey, the process, whatever you want to call it. This is all part of it. For us, we have to learn from all this and, moving forward, have to try to keep getting better in each game.”


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