Rayon Sports slams violent hooligans

Rayon Sports slams violent hooligans

Rayon fans

THE management of Rayon Sports football club has come out to publicly condemn the acts of hooliganism that re-surfaced on Sunday when their violent fans exhibited poor behavior, vandalizing property at Amahoro stadium following their 1-all draw against AS Kigali.

Rayon Sports club president Theogene Ntampaka said in a statement that the Nyanza-based club will never allow unbecoming behavior and acts of hooliganism from their club and they act accordingly so as to stop such events from occurring again in Rwanda football.

“We (Rayon Sports) are against hooliganism and we are carrying out investigations to take stringent measures to deal with such vices. Hooliganism should not be considered as a one club affair and it should be condemned by all stakeholders.”

 “Hooliganism must be phased out and it needs a multi-faceted approach. However before that is done we have to accept that it exists among us as the first step to finding a lasting solution.”

“We are investigating our coaches, players and fans who exhibited poor misconduct such that they can be punished. I am calling upon our fans to rally behind the club and exhibit good behavior that truly resembles a true sportsman,”

 “A good sportsman must accept to lose. We have always told our fans that there are better ways of solving matters however much they are aggrieved including lodging an appeal with the relevant authorities instead of injuring people and destroying property,” added Ntampaka.

He further added that hooliganism is criminal and the rule of law should not allow it to take place and called on every stakeholder to play their role.

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