‘F*** France!’ – Girlfriend lashes out at Nasri snub

‘F*** France!’ – Girlfriend lashes out at Nasri snub

Girlfriend lashes out at Nasri snub.

Samir Nasri’s exclusion from France’s World Cup squad certainly made waves on both sides of the English channel after he helped Manchester City to win both the Premier League and League Cup.

But no one took it worse than his girlfriend, Anara, who reacted to Tuesday night’s news by embarking on a foul-mouthed rant on Twitter.

Anara let loose at both the French national team and manager Didier Deschamps as she showed her disgust at the fact her boyfriend would not be on the plane to Brazil.

Nasri resisted the temptation to do likewise, saying: “I think the die is cast. I respect (Didier Deschamps’) choice. I’ll watch the World Cup on TV. If starting games in a club like Manchester City and winning two titles isn’t enough, too bad, I won’t regret anything.”

Deschamps explained his decision by saying Nasri would not cope well with being a substitute at the World Cup.

“He is a starter at City, which is not the case with France and he has made clear that he is not happy when he is not (a starter), and I can tell you it can be felt in the squad,” said the coach. “I built the best squad, I did not pick the 23 best French players.”

However, Nasri’s other half was clearly not satisfied with the explanation put forward by Deschamps.

    Lets just get this straight! Im not mad i get my bf for 2 months…. I just think theres a level of respect to be had!

    — Anara (@_Anara_) May 13, 2014

Still, at least Nasri himself was remaining slightly more level-headed.

    @_Anara_ love you dont get upset life sometimes is unfair but you have to accept it and deal with it — Samir Nasri Official (@SamNasri19) May 13, 2014

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