Munyandamutsa to improve the level of Amavubi team

Munyandamutsa to improve the level of Amavubi team

Ferwafa aspirant Augustin Minyandamutsa

Presidential aspirant Augustin Munyandamutsa has stated one of his main plans if elected as Ferwafa boss will be to improve the level of the national team Amavubi.

He said on Monday as declared his manifesto for the Ferwafa seat. He said that his plans will be basically aimed at improving the level of the youth structures, increase competitions and look for sponsorship to boost the sport.

“To be able to have a strong national team, we need to have as many professional players as possible featuring in different, strong football leagues across the world,”

“In my plans by the end of the first term in office, I will be able to display 35 professional players who are able to guide Amavubi to the next level. It will be tough for the national team coach to pick the best from these players,”

Elections for the next president of Ferwafa will be held on January 5, 2014.

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