New Ferwafa Excom yet to determine fate of new SG

New Ferwafa Excom yet to determine fate of new SG

Degaule Nzamwita

The new Ferwafa executive committee  are yet to make any decision whether they will replace Michel Gasingwa on his role of being the Secretary General of the Federation.

Ferwafa chief Vincent Degaule Nzamwita said, “We are yet to discuss on this issue. We want to assess all the contracts of the employees and whoever will be able to work in line with our mission will stay and anyone who isn’t eligible will be replaced,”

The Federation’s Secretary General is an important figure in the daily operation of the football house because he links the employees body with the executive committee, coordinates all the operations of football in the country.

Gasingwa has been holding the role since 2011 when he replaced Jules Kalisa who resigned after an 8-year reign.

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