Ssimbwa blasts Micho over Cranes CHAN Squad

coach Sam Simbwa

Police Fc head coach Sam Simbwa has blasted the Cranes tactician, Micho, for “poorly” selecting the CHAN squad.


Simbwa said that he was surprised to see eight players from SC Victoria University making it to the final squad.


“Let me hope all players qualify to be on the national team but if it’s just friendship between SC Victoria University proprietor Simo (Dubjic) and head coach, then it’s wrong for Micho to let friendship decide in selection of the team,” told Simbwa.


He added: “A player like Isaac Muleme hasn’t been a regular starter in Cranes but why was he summoned?”


“Of all the times Muleme has been in Villa, do you think Cranes coaches have been blind not to summon him or is he now above all players in the league?”


However, he was quick to add that since Cranes is representing the nation, he wishes the team well.


He noted that the technical team laid a poor strategy in the Zimbabwe match denying the team a win.


“Zimbabwe outplayed Uganda just because of a poor game approach, players were not confident with the ball, they gave Zimbabwe much playing time,” told Simbwa.


He warned that Uganda may be eliminated without going through to the quarterfinals if they can’t go for a win against Morocco on Monday.


“To have a draw at least from the Monday game Cranes should start it looking for a win otherwise chances are high for Uganda to be eliminated on Monday,” recounts Simbwa.


Simbwa was relieved-off his onus as SC Victoria University head coach beneath Ivan Zoric as his manager on grounds that Victoria were quitting Uganda’s football and wanted to cut costs.



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